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Build A Power Wall

Become energy independent and fire your electricity company.

Use LIION Propulsion Power Packs or DIY Batteries to create your “power wall,” a device to store energy for yoere are many reasons to consider power walls to cut utility bills, or even get rid of them forever. Power walls manufactured by Tesla and competitors cost thousands of dollars. Build your own for a fraction of the price.



Who can build? Anyone willing to learn, stay safe, and with some time to apply everything to the build.

What is a power wall? A power wall is a device containing (usually) lithium ion 18650 cells. They are assembled into battery packs and an external source such as a solar panel. During the day the solar energy charges the batteries and at night you use the energy instead of purchasing power from a utilities company at peak rates.

Where to build? Power walls are usually installed in a garage.

Why build one? They are fun to build. They also can save you a significant amount of money, even eliminating power bills in some reported cases. Since lithium ion 18650 cells may be recharged fully or partially and have a long lifecycle, so long as the power packs are constructed correctly, it becomes economic to build and install one in your home.


Get acquainted with these videos


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We break down the process of completing your goal to build your own power wall into five parts to make it easier for you to follow. We explain what is necessary and provide links so you can access additional information and outside opinions. We assume you are beginning with no prior information, so it is possible to skip to the relevant parts if you already understand parts.

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DIY Power Wall Toolkit

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Start A New Project Today

Research what you want to build. Create a plan. Plan for safety. Gather supplies. Build.


Available now: Build a power wall

Coming soon: Build a lithium ion power pack for an ebike, battery backup, power storage, solar generator, and more

Planned: Build an EV system for a small electric boat, including how to build water cooling and compartment heating systems.

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